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1st June 2008

1:33am: Good Ol' June
So it's June 2008. Where the fuck did time go?

The new job starts on Monday, it's probably going to be pretty boring but hey
it will look good on my resume and that's all that matters right?

My house is so damn hot, milk would be a bad choice right now.

I feel like this summer is going to bring a real turning point in my life.

We shall see.

As always, stay classy
Current Mood: contemplative

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10th March 2008

10:51pm: Hello Destiny
Havn't wrote in this bad boy in a long time

I can't wait for spring break, these classes are boring the hell out of me

Checklist of things to do over break:

- sleep in every day
- nothing school related
- know where I will be working this summer
- get my tattoo I've been wanting
- go to a show or two
- AC
- get some new music

I'm sure there are more but that's what I'm looking at right now

IM me or something

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25th December 2007

1:20am: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
I havn't updated this bad boy in a long time. The past month or so has been crazy.

The apartment is all set up for next year which is one less thing I have to worry about. Fall semester is over, I wish I did better but I did better than either semester last year so I guess I'll take even the slightest improvement.

On a more depressing note, my dog was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer a few weeks ago. We hooked him up with some pills to help him along but I'm noticing him getting weaker which sucks but there isn't much I can do. I'm going to miss him a lot, he's pretty much my best friend and has been for the past ten years. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo in his memory but we'll see.

Moving back to Newark on the 2nd, winter session is always a good time to sit back, do a little work, and have some fun. It should be good, especially after such a tough few months.

Until next time...
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30th October 2007

11:39pm: Foreplay/Long Time

So I did stand up comedy tonight
It was a great experience even though I had no shot at winning
Something I can cross off of the list of things to do

I havn't updated this bad boy in a long time
What's everyone being for halloween?

This semester is half way over, I can't wait for
winter break/winter session
It's going to be good

My new job kind of sucks but they pay me so I guess I can't complain
I just like the idea that the university is paying me
Makes me feel a little bit better about paying that money to come here

I think thats it

IM me or something

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27th June 2007

1:07am: ron burgundy never heard that song...

I feel as if my life is changing a lot lately
work is taking over my summer, slowly but surely

I don't know I just feel like a different person or something

This entry is pointless really

I really don't want to change too much

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7th June 2007

12:35am: Together these pictures are worth 3,000 words

I think I'm going to try and get back into taking pictures
I have nothing better to do with the little time of the week I am not working

Things are looking bleek for my annual summer show
It's official Mike Jumps and Co. have a monoply on the Delaware scene

I'll have to start looking for smaller/local bands and artists
to book for my new job at UD
Suggestions are always welcome

Here's a couple oldies I scanned on to my pc

PhotosCollapse )
Current Mood: bored

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27th May 2007

1:42am: biiiiiiiitch

So I got my final grades and I am still pissed at myself
I feel like I worked hard yet my grades don't show it
I know being average dosn't really cut it anymore but
I'll have to deal with it

Cheers to the past year and many more to come

PS - Since I no longer have an ipod,
I am dying for some new CD's/mixes and my burner dosn't work
So if any of you are bored anytime soon, throw some tunes my way? thanks

Current Mood: aggravated

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23rd May 2007

12:59pm: so much for my ipod

So someone stole my ipod the other day, fucking last week of school
I probably won't be getting a new one since they are mad expensive
unless the home owners insurance gives up some money for it, which I doubt
I guess I'll have to resort back to CD's

I'm about 80% sure who it was

Now I have a Bio final to study for

Current Mood: pissed off

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20th May 2007


There is only one final standing between myself and summer
I go back to work Saturday 2-9, it will be good to see everyone again

I have learned a lot about myself just from being at college this past year
Next year is going to be even better

I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see MxPx tonight but ill live

ok im done
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12th May 2007

11:16am: big chair photo
I'm sitting here in the room, everyone is asleep.
I feel like a mute or something.
I barely got any sleep last night, it kind of sucks.
Atleast some people got sleep I guess.

I just rode my bike around for a little but that didn't really do much.
I'm sure tonight I will probably just chill here since
I'm not cool enough to go out and party like everyone else.

I'll be at RR in two weeks, that place is like my second home
I can't believe this will be my last summer there
Maybe when/if I have a family and shit I'll join there
that would be awesome and maybe mike jumps will still be doing shows there

I hate knowing that being average will never be good enough
I guess I'll just have to work harder then I do already

I love this song
Current Mood: calm

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